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Doctor led Preventative Health Education Workshops for Business

About Our Business

The chartered institute of personnel development reported that sickness absence leads to an average loss of 6.9 working days per employee per year. Their study in 2019 found the average cost per employee per year to be 554 pounds. At the Doctor Explains we work with medium to large sized businesses that recognise the importance of educating their staff directly on health topics to empower them with the knowledge and tools to prevent illness both mental or physical before it has an impact on their health. 

Our Health Education and Lifestyle Workshops are tailor made and cover a range of common medical conditions including Burnout, Women's Health and Perimenopause, Men's Health, and Obesity Management. These workshops are delivered face to face by two experienced NHS Gps to engage directly with your staff and can run as a rolling programme of workshops and online educational material to keep your staff engaged and motivated for health improvement on a long term basis.

We are two female General Practitioners who collectively have more then 40 years experience. Frustrated at the lack of preventative health education and poor appointment access in the NHS we bring our evidence based knowledge to a wider audience than day to day General Practice. We firmly believe that providing individuals with an understanding of their body and the tools to tune in to their health empowers them to make positive lifestyle choices and can prevent ill health, reduce time off work and improve job satisfaction and productivity.

A unique opportunity to spend time face to face with working NHS Gps highly qualified in education and preventative health strategies we invite you to become the leaders in staff wellbeing and create a healthier workforce. If this has the added outcome of reducing the burden on an overstretched NHS we can all feel we are doing our part to improve the health of the nation.


Dr Sigi Joseph

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Dr Sigi Joseph is an enthusiastic GP partner in Edinburgh. She has worked in Scottish General Practice since 2004 and has a real passion and joy in her job. 


Alongside her clinical role she has worked for National Education for Scotland for 17 years planning, developing and then delivering and assessing multiple educational workshops. To date she has trained over 1000 future GP’s. In recognition of this she recently won the UK RCGP Inspire 21 awards for her work with GP’s in training.

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Dr Jane Catley

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Dr Jane Catley has 18 years medical experience and 7 years as a GP partner before moving with her family to Melbourne Australia in 2018. Dr Catley obtained her qualification as a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and has recognised the importance of taking control for our own health and wellbeing and not always turning to medication for our health needs.

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