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Our most popular workshop to date. The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic has clearly had a profound effect on everyone and with the change to working from home often work place boundaries are lost and the distinction between work and home becomes blurred. This workshop explores a first hand example of burnout delving in to the physiological changes of stress and addressing the balance in our window of tolerance. Early identification and lifestyle modifications are introduced to raise awareness and encourage peer support to recognise and prevent impact of this condition.

Our Expertise

With 40 years collective medical General Practice experience Dr Catley and Dr Joseph see first hand the consequences of burnout and the amount of lost time at work. Dr Catleys own personal experience of burnout led to her pursuing a qualification in lifestyle medicine and is now passionate about sharing that knowledge to prevent burnout for others. Early recognition of signs and prevention of progression to burnout can often be addressed with lifestyle changes and we hope to educate on causative factors and provide real life solutions to keep your staff healthy and empowered to minimise health impacts on work abilities.


If you are interested in this package please get in touch.

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