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Antenatal and Postnatal care

Both of us being mothers of 3 young children, matched with our first meeting during our Obstetric and Gynaecology jobs in 2002, we feel well placed to provide supportive insightful pregnancy care. Whether this is supporting women returning to work after starting a family, or preparing for a future family, these workshops help address the anxieties and provide the valuable information to assist on this incredible journey. Providing insights into how it may impact work abilities and how to make the balance of family and work as effective as possible. No question or query is too small for this session.

Our Expertise

Our combined 40 years of clincal experience and special interest in womens health and patient care through this important time means we can offer detailed, jargon free practical and safe advice in these sessions. We hold the family planning  and obstertric & gynaecology diplomas ( DFFP / DRCOG) and have extensive knolwegde of contraception, pre and post natal care. Additionally Dr Joseph has been repsonsible for  all of the womens health training for all GPs in training within South East Scotland for 6 years using up to date , speciality led, teaching techniques. This training has been both with NES  and CPD connect . Dr Joseph' work on the governments policies on for the Scottish Womens Health Plan means we have an excellent overview of the latest care and developments.


If you are interested in this package please get in touch.

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