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Dr Sigi Joseph

Dr Sigi Joseph is an enthusiastic GP partner in Edinburgh. She has worked in Scottish General Practice since 2003 and has a real passion and joy in her job. 


Alongside her clinical role she has worked for National Education for Scotland for 17 years planning, developing and then delivering and assessing multiple educational workshops. To date she has trained over 1000 future GP’s. In recognition of this she recently won the UK RCGP Inspire 21 awards for her work with GP’s in training. She is delighted to have been nominated for an accepted a FELLOWSHIP to the RCGP in 2023.

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My Story

Completing her Masters in Clinical Education in 2017 enabled more Nation Wide Medical education planning and development.


Since 2018 she has worked for RCGP Scotland as their Executive Officer for National Professional Development and also as the RCGP Scotland Clinical Lead for the Leadership for Integration Program. These roles have lead to multi-professional working, planning future workforce, BAME leadership opportunities, Drugs death policy, Mid Career GP workforce Leadership & Retention and much more.


Most recently Dr Joseph was the RCGP Primary Care lead for the Scottish Governments Women’s Health Policy. The writing of this plan has taken 3 years and is the first Women’s only health policy in Europe. The plan takes a cradle to grave approach in carving out women’s health needs at every stage of their life.


Following the launch of this Policy in August 2021 Dr Joseph has appeared multiple times on STV News, BBC Reporting Scotland, Scotland TONIGHT, The NINE and BBC Radio Scotland DRIVETIME.

These appearances have been on Men's health, Women’s Health, Health inequalities, Workforce crisis, COVID and COVID related subjects.


She has been a UK Panel expert on multiple speciality panels including IMG GPST training needs, BAME leadership, Women’s Health, Menopause management, Young GPs Inspiring GPs series. A Panel discussion expert on Professor Devi Sridhar's Covid Workshop 2022. Others panels include for The Alliance, the RCGP, The university of Edinburgh, STV,EQUATE Scotland. 


Recent video work included NHS Informs Public health campaigns : 

  • Menopause Myth busting 2021

  • Talk Menopause with a GP 2021

  • Winter messaging campaign 2021 


Dr Joseph has been elected in October 2021 to represent RCGP members on the Scottish Council for RCGP Scotland for the next 3 years; this is a voluntary position with multiple stakeholders meeting quarterly to address the future of Primary Care in Scotland. Additionally she is the Primary Care Representative for Scotland on the UK Governments Menopause Taskforce. 

She has 3 young children who like to keep her busy.

Dr Catley & Dr Joseph have been friends and colleagues for 19 years and share a strong belief in the impact of excellent teaching and advice in helping people to foster better health.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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