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As a GP trainee educator Dr Joseph has been presenting her leadership education modules for almost 20 years. Transferrable to any business setting this module covers the different types of leader, resilient leader, engaging leader, strategic leader and trusted leader. It explores the different basis of each and helps the team identify their own traits and then explores personal and business wellbeing actions. With our General practice partnership experience we have both been responsible for running our own business and are aware of the challenges that leadership roles face.

Our Expertise

We recognise the need for excellent leadership skills  in managing busy workplaces and the positive impacts on wellbeing and minimising stress. In reponse we offer this workshop either as a stand alone or in combination with our stress management session. Both Dr Catley and Dr Joseph have years of experience in leading teams as Primary Care business partners. Additonally Dr Joseph for 5 years has been the National Clinical Lead for the tripartite SSSC/NES/RCGP Leadership for Integration, project supported by Scottish Government . As part of this role she develops and delivers the latest in thought leadership models and  effective strategies.


If you are interested in this package please get in touch.

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