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  • What is lifestyle medicine?
    Lifestyle medicine is an evidence based practice focusing on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, connection and avoidance of harmful substances to reverse, prevent or cure chronic disease.
  • Our company has a wide age range, will the workshops be engaging for all ?
    The decades of teaching experience, coupled with our years of working with all age ranges and demographics of patients gives us a unique ability to adapt and develop a tailor made, meaningful workshop for your staff.
  • We feel our male staff should have increased awareness of Perimenopausal issues, how can you deliver this?
    There is no doubt that it is beneficial for all of those who identify as females alongside of their male colleagues to have a good understanding of symptoms and ways to manage during this time. We have delivered sessions where employers wish the male staff to attend the whole women's health section, equally we have incorporated a briefer perimenopause update into a men's health session. We can include brief symptoms and sign overview along with how this can affect work performance.
  • Do the sessions have to face to face, we have a split site office?
    The method of delivery we will approach for your teams will be finalised after discussion at booking. We are highly experienced in delivering face to face sessions, TEAMS/ ZOOM sessions and Hybrid sessions with some participants online. We endeavor to use interactive tools to avoid the session being too didactic or dry.
  • Can you tailor sessions to suit our group?
    Yep, absolutely. Prior to your session we contact you to find out who will be attending and your key objectives. We can then use this to tailor the content to ensure you get the most out of our time together.
  • We would like to run a Leadership workshop for both our junior executive team and our senior executives, can you amend the content accordingly?
    Every booking we take involves an initial discussion around needs for the team, key asks from the employer and demographics of those attending. We take pride in offering an individualised, tailored programme to suit needs. We have years of Leadership teaching experience with any amount of evidence-based information we can share, following an idea of who is attending we will ensure the pitch is to the correct level. We also can cover tools in how to help staff with burnout/anxiety/depression/perimenopause issues.
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