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Carnoustie Golf Links

"Carnoustie Golf links is a globally recognised golf venue, famous for hosting major golf events such as The Open Championship in 2018 and The AIG Women's Open in 2021.

With over 130 staff and multiple stakeholders, its incredibly important that we have healthy, happy and motivated staff. Recently we invited Dr Sigi and Dr Jane to Carnoustie for a day of workshops and engagement and we were blown away with the positive feedback we received. Building and maintaining a positive culture in the workplace is so important and needs to be continually worked at. Looking after yourself can also be challenging with busy work and family commitments.

I felt that the time we spent with the Doctor Explains team was fresh, different and well received by our staff - the opportunity to spend a bit of time with qualified medical doctors during work time is a gamechanger.

With such great feedback we are already arranging the next session."

Michael Wells, Chief Executive

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